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The SUPERCOLLIDER distortion / fuzz has been a favorite among bass players and heavy guitarists for the aggressive attack and huge low end. This version is a return to the larger box and aesthetics of the earlier Earthbound Audio pedals. It marks the return of the LED clipping switch for an even more aggressive and raw distortion sound.

The 71 SUPERCOLLIDER is an alternate version of the SUPERCOLLIDER that is based on an old 70's muff schematic. This voicing has a creamier sound with a (slightly) less aggressive attack and smoother tone than the original SUPERCOLLIDER. Overall it has a more vintage muff character to the distortion.

The SUPERCOLLIDER and 71 SUPERCOLLIDER feature these controls:

- SI / LED clipping switch

The SUPERCOLLIDER is wired for true bypass and can be powered by a standard 2.1mm negative tip 9v power supply. No battery option.

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