IRON PIG distortion

Image of IRON PIG distortion


*new version coming in early 2017*

LM308 based distortion / overdrive pedal

The IRON PIG takes the classic 80's LM308 op-amp distortion sound and expands upon it with better low end presence and the ability to dial in chunky overdrive sounds all the way to intense saturated distortion.

Toggle switch chooses between 2 gain modes:
- OD: lower gain overdrive
- DIS: medium-high gain distortion / fuzz

Rotary knob switches between 5 clipping modes:
- GE: Germanium diodes in an asymmetrical arrangement
- SI: Silicon diodes
- LS: Combination of LED and silicon diodes
- 308: No diodes- opamp clipping

Standard controls:
- LEVEL: Output volume. Adjust when switching distortion modes.

- TONE: Controls the high end. Start at noon and adjust to taste: clockwise for more highs, counter-clockwise for less.

- GAIN: Distortion intensity. Start between 10 o'clock to noon and adjust to hear the variety in each switch setting. Turn it all the way clockwise for maximum distortion and sustain.

The IRON PIG is wired for true bypass and can be powered by a standard 2.1mm negative tip 9v power supply.

- U.S. shipping $12 (any difference will be refunded after shipment)
- International shipping is $22 standard or $45 global priority
- NJ residents add 7% sales tax (calculated in Paypal)

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